Danemar Calise

My nickname is Panda. I like to read and draw things.

Panda+Danemar= Pandanemar

1 - Thank you! I never knew my art could brighten someone’s day. That means a lot to me. :)

2 - Thank you! :))

3 & 4 - That was the longest and sweetest message I have received. And anon, thank you so much!!!


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Guess who went crazy buying Rainbow Rowell’s latest novel? 🙋 Now excuse me while I go sniff this brand new book smell like a drug addict. 😁

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1 - Hi anon! I’m using Adobe Illustrator. :)

2 - Aww… Thank you and that’s really sweet of you. It’s okay for you to use it on your quote sidebar. :))

3 - Sending also my love to you anon! *hugs and kisses* :))

4 - Thank you anon! I haven’t actually made any Harry Potter stuff. Maybe next time? :))

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1 - Thank you! That means a lot to me since I’m feeling really stress (and sleep deprived) right now. *hugs*

2 - Thank you and I am super busy with medschool… (TT_TT) If I could manage to find some free time, maybe I’ll do that in the future. =D But currently, I’m slowly losing my sanity. 

3 - Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! =)

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To be honest, I’m offended by this request. But to keep things short (since I’m busy with medschool right now) is a simple, firm no.

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Anonymous : good luck future MD! :) oh, btw are you from philippines? my class will start tomorrow too...

Thank you anon! :)) Yup, I’m actually from the Philippines. ;) I get that question a lot. Stay awesome!

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I had been super busy with all the preparations (from the application, exams, interview, documents, school supply) for med school. Surprisingly, I still have my arms after buying and carrying all those books today. Currently, I’m covering my books with vinyl (for protection)

Classes start on Monday (June 9). I’m so excited but I need to make several sacrifices in order to survive in med school such as lesser time on Tumblr. :( So yeah, let the self-inflicting insanity begin!

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Anonymous : your works are amaaaazing! god bless you!

Aww… Thank you anon! God bless you also!

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It’s almost June!!! And there’s only a few more days left until the showing of The Fault in Our Stars movie!!! I think bringing some tissues will be on my priority list when watching the movie and some glue to mend my broken heart. :’((

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Anonymous : Hiiii! I was just wondering what the top 5 books are in your tbr pile right now? And also if you've read The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo or The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi? :D Thaanks and have a great day!

Hello anon! I’ll be reading Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu next. :)) And I’m currently waiting for the book release of:

Landline - Rainbow Rowell

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

I haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy or Shatter Me and I’m going to add that on my reading list. Thanks for the suggestions and you have a great day as well! =)))

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akarnigo : Omg your typographies are so awesome!! I want your hands!!

Thank you!!! You gave me the funniest comment so far.  =))) Stay awesome as well! ;)

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These were my sketches before I transformed them into vectors. (Btw, there’s a typo on the first sketch.) Oh, if you haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss yet, it’s definitely worth reading! :D

Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins) Typography Series No. 1 | 2 | 3

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Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins) 

Typography Series No. 3

1 | 2 | 3

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How I usually work on my graphics. 😊💻 

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So I just finally realized that I made a TYPO on one of my latest fan art lettering quotes from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins… kill me now... Why didn’t I see that?! Anyway, I re-uploaded the correct version hereI’m sorry for the typo. :’(

Oh, thank you lookingforfangirl for recommending the book! I really love it and Etienne St. Clair. :)) I even read the second book Lola and the Boy Next Door. ;)

By the way, I’m always open for book suggestions. Have a nice day everyone! :)

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